Get Behind Me, 2002

How well do you remember the teenage wasteland? There have been a few times in my life when I’ve been sailing along, dipping my oar on either side of my life-raft, stroke for stroke, moving along fine. Distracted by some distant fog horn somewhere at my back, I run straight into an iceberg that pulls…

Belated Review – Hemmingway – “Pretend to Care” (2014)

Pretend to Care

Right now, at midnight, I have two shots of gin in me, and I’m listening to Hemingway’s “Pretend to Care” for the first time. There’s some grunge in there somewhere, then some of that same stuff that laced every Thursday record, but I can’t forget got the slow-burn-swagger that gave Nirvana personal hit after personal hit….

You Cannot Replace That Memory – On Cheap Girls

When you get into your late 20s and early 30s, I’ve always believed that you’ve made all the friends you’re going to make for life. Sure, I mean, perhaps some new acquaintances come in like a breeze and then quickly exit… but the stalwarts, the dependables, the drinking buddies have been firmly established and little…

We’re Back! (Baa-naaaaaaaa)

After a long hiatus, some offline-ness, and some personal growth (some due to being older, some due to calorie intake), we are back! On our About page, you will notice that we cover the same content as this post, but I will go ahead anyway. Back in “the day” it used to be lots funnier to be…