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The 80’s From Beyond the Shield

Spent a summer up and down I-95, with a broken receiver in my car. All that worked was classic rock and 80’s radio stations. Imagine that all you get to listen to is Sweet Home Alabama for the rest of your life.
Switch over and it’s some horrible step sister, soundtracks from Hollywood ’85. Not always bad, but it’s dregs out of the press and into greedy ears, lapping up 10-story drums and huge guitar riffs. Globe-sweeping gestures, tailored baby-blue polyester. Death of the 8-track, birth of the cassette.
Here’s a sampling from all the things the masses missed, and that continue to bounce off the shield and into the Atlantic…
~ or ~
Songs I wish I had, on those 14-hours drives from The South to The North. Fortunately for you, I do not have the patience to put together a 14-hour playlist, so I will invert the numbers and give you 41 minutes, or thereabouts.

There’s even a great cover of Van Halen’s Jump that’s not on Spotify, but it is on Youtube. All hail The Tube.

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