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Review: Kyle Craft – "Dolls of Highland"

This one’s a spinner

On a frosty winter’s eve, as I sipped mulled wine in front my roaring fire, for a moment I mused on the finer points of obscure British literature. It was then I discovered Kyle Craft.

Haha, nope not true. Sounds fancy though. I think it was via Reddit I first heard the haphazard caterwauling of Kyle Craft’s defunct band GASHCAT. I can’t really remember. But what I do remember was how I was totally lost in a vision like an old 30’s serial, all black n’ white, a phonograph hurling the grotesque and beautiful divergent folk pop of this band called GASHCAT.

Kyle Craft returns with re-workings of some old favorites, and some new disjointed rock opera entries. This record contains some Bowie-esque degenerations that are auditorially disturbing and macabre agile project methodologies. Included are composition and lyrics that naturally dip into gritty Americana, that’s imperfect enough to love.

This album is the test tube mutation of glam rock and vaudeville. Listen, if you dare.

If you like: Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, T. Rex blah blah blah, Neil Young, The Doors, off kilter main-stream indie a la Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco (maybe in there somewhere).

Some of my favorite tracks:

  • Balmorhea
  • Berlin
  • Dolls of Highland
  • Lady of the Ark (get into this one, blow out and destroy the speakers of your ’02 Accord):

Get punched in the gut by some seriously refreshing rock n’ roll.

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