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Turnover – “Peripheral Vision"

Peripheral Vision

Going back several years, I always felt let off the hook by “Big Girls Don’t Cry” because technically, I’m a male human. Therefore, it’s cool if I listen to all these all these weepy young-bloke bands until I grew up. I didn’t know it was possible at this point in my life for these “old bones” to be so into a band like Turnover (band page). I imagined by now I’d be donning turtlenecks and acid wash jeans. I’d be sipping on a Tom Collins, grilling Oysters on the beach while Adult Contemporary radio takes barely-discernible withdrawals from my already waning testosterone levels. Thus the testosterone medication.
“Peripheral Vision” gets 4 out of 5, which on my scale ain’t bad. This is the kind of subject matter that any adolescent might grapple with (perfect for me, being in my 30’s), and it’s got the kind of music that swings on the post-punk side of indie-pop, in pure and utter liquidity. Turn it up.
One of my biggest pet-peeves in this genre is a super-crisp, glossy sound like you get out of the big studios. Second to that are recordings that spend zero time mixing or mastering, and make your ears strain to pick out auditory details. So I’ll add to all of this that Peripheral Vision earns the “just enough production” badge of honor.  Nice.
I really love this record and will file it under the new category “spinners,” because I’ve listened to it over and over for the past few weeks. Can’t put it down. Can’t turn it off.
I guess I’ll be getting back to my day now… where’d I put that Tom Collins I just made? Oh here it is on the shelf next to my nonfiction first editions and round-frame glasses.

Watch: Here’s “Cutting My Fingers Off”

Turnover’s “Peripheral Vision” Is In Similarity or Spirit to:

5 – Death Cab
4 – Explosions In the Sky
3 – The Secret History
2 – Joy Division
1 – Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Check These Tracks First:

3: Humming
8: Take My Head
6: Diazepam

Tom Collins Recipe:

Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup/Sugar
Seltzer Water (Lime flavored ’cause your so special and deserve it)
Wedge ‘a Lemon
Seersucker Shorts
Oxfords from Banana Republic Probably

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