Ends Well – "Orson"

Orson by Ends Well

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About the EP:

“Orson” is heavily inspired by film noir, especially The Lady From Shanghai, so like, the fearsome misery of the past, the glue of which never seems to dissolve, etc, etc, darn it all. It’s also about all the other teenage tropes.

What does it sound like? Don’t you know by now if you’ve gotten this far in the post? Elements orfalternative, indie, punk, post-punk, power-pop, and other hyphenated adjectives.
Mixing, mastering, and some sweet studio tuneage by the amazing Lewin Barringer of GB & B!
About Ends Well

“On my Dinners with Orson”

I am unsure as to why certain things take so long to materialize. All the good intentions in the world and all the fits and starts that lead to nowhere can make you hesitant to try at all anymore.
How many band names exist for would-be endeavors that never even recorded a single note of music? Forget that, I’ve had t-shirts printed for groups in which most members didn’t even know how to play an instrument. As if I somehow would have the perfect song phrase paired with a perfect picture on the back of a vintage shirt and if I could just get it into the hands onto the back of a certain “so-and-so” it would somehow cause that nameless person to drop their life and select me instead. Never mind the music… the music would come in time…

Fast forward a decade and a half and one is doing good if they can muster listening to any music between the day in grind of traffic, work, podcasts, group messaging, binge watching, pouring, sleeping, sipping, waking, drinking. The last “great find” I had wasn’t musical in nature, but was my wallet under a stack of folded clothes. So to begin thinking about recording music… well I would say you would have had one too many.

My friend and I, to quote O.W, always “found it sanitary to be broke.” I enjoyed the broke times the best. Broke actually affords you time. Time to listen and indulge and play. After all, time is money. And if you have no money then perhaps all you have is time.

And so when you sit down at midnight after the commute and the work and the day and you pick up a dilapidated old guitar that looks like some poor car that has been up on blocks in you front yard rusting away – it can get a little intimidating.

Where exactly should I get a flash of inspiration?? My brain hurts and is too tired to remember basic chords let alone to tap into angst worthy of a 3 minute ode. And yet, again as O.W. said “everybody is somebody’s fool.” I would wager to say we are fools for our broke selves.

The days of mallratting and penny pinching to buy a new record because that’s the only thing keeping you from taking a long drive and never coming back. Foolish for pining on things and people not even worthy of the time but we had all the time in the world. Foolish for making up daydreams of writing songs to mend and win hearts if only we had the courage of wherewithal to strum. The muse necessary was just a decade and a half ago. It’s still in there buried way down in the catacombs. It takes a flame and sometimes some liquid courage to get there but it’s still able to be found.

3 songs and 15 years later we finally made good on promises made to former selves. Back then it seemed like we had too much all the time. Too much inside to even get it out. It was a whole mess of trouble back then. And once again as Orson said, “the only way to stay out of trouble is to grow old.”
So I guess we’ll concentrate on that for a while. …and maybe play a song or two while we’re at it.